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Scholastic Book Wizard

Enter a book name and it will give you reviews, lexiles, reading levels and more!



About Ralph Waite Library Services

At Ralph Waite Elementary School, students visit the Library every four days to check out books.

We encourage students to follow their passions when it comes to checking out books for independent reading. Studies have consistently shown that students who read what they are interested in become better readers.

There are no overdue fines, however students will be restricted from checking out additional books until the overdue books are returned. If a book can't be found, we do ask that the family pays for the book. If a student loses a book, we will work with him and give him time to find it. If he can't find it, and there are extenuating circumstances, we can arrange a work/payback program to pay for the book so that he can begin checking out books again.

Parents are encouraged to contact the Media Specialist or Library Paraprofessional if there are any questions or concerns about any aspect of the Library Program.