Medina County Juvenile Detention Center

655 Independence Dr.
Medina, Ohio  44254
(330) 764-8408 ext. 228

Wendy Chasar, Teacher

Jim Thomas, Teacher
thomasjs"bodycopyBlack">Barbara Harris, Paraprofessional

Medina County Juvenile Detention Center

The Medina County Juvenile Detention Center (MCJDC) provides service to juveniles and their families throughout all of Medina County. The MCJDC is a short term, maximum security facility for juvenile offenders who are considered a threat to themselves and/or the community. While detained, all residents of the MCJDC are expected to attend school.

The Education Department of the MCJDC is staffed by the Medina City Schools with two teachers and one paraprofessional. The ultimate goal of the educational program at the MCJDC is to provide students with an opportunity to progress at the same rate and with the same assignments as their classmates in their home schools. This will ease their transition from the MCJDC back to their home schools. The best way to do this is to use materials and assignments provided by the home schools.

However, there are times when a school us unable to provide work. For those situations, and for other special circumstances, the MCJDC also offers a standard curriculum of Math, Science, English, History, Life Skills, and Physical Education.