Sr. Network/Systems
Jack Howell

777 East Union St.
Medina, OH  44256

Technology Integration
Stacy Hawthorne

739 Weymouth Road
Medina, OH  44256
Phone:  330-636-3078


Web Page Development / Construction Resources

At this level user will understand how to add content such as contact info, schedules and/or calendars
(adding content to exisiting sub pages and home pages)

 Step By Step instructions to Master Basic Level in folllowing links:

Login (demo)

Creating Classroom Web Site
Begining Web Training (by Mary Jo Zacharias)

 Web Level I:
Ready to go beyond Basics... This level user will learn to add features like tables, pictures, documents and linking (hyperlinking) to internal and external web pages.  They will also learn to manipulate the properities of the previously mentioned features.  Basic file management skills are needed as you will upload your work to the remote web server. 

 Links to Web Help videos are below:

Making Sections  SHARING  


 Web Level II: 
Mastering the Web Level I skills will aid any web developer in advancing towards this next level
Advanced Web Training Handout (developed by Tess Ewart)

Additional Web Resources
(Click on link to get pdf):

District Guidelines for Staff Pages

Web Development Help Document


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