Please pardon the dust as we continue to find ways to streamline old processes and improve them for you! Making use of this new tool will save you lots of time and ink. It will replace the manual filing of a PAR (Personnel Absence Report).

 HOWEVER, The Kiosk does not integrate with SUBFINDER at this point! Make sure that you continue to use the SUBFINDER until notified otherwise.

If you check the "substitute needed" check box and fill out the text box, IT IS FOR INFORMATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY. IT IS NOT CONNECTED TO THE SUBFINDER PROGRAM.

"PROFESSIONAL" under the leave type is for OUT of the District Professional Development. The "OTHER" choice will create another pull-down menu box after it is selected. This box will appear to the left of the Leave Type Menu Box.   In this pull-down box you will find the  choice for Professional leave IN the district.

Building  Integration Plan

Kiosk Wiki (HELP) Guide
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